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Top Tips For Stress-Free Day Care Drop Offs

Getting the day started can be a challenge and dropping off your infant, toddler, or kindergartener at day care is not always easy. However, JP Kids & Company has put together a few easy things you can do to make child care drop-offs less difficult! Believe us, we've seen what works!

With these tips we compiled from both New Parent and What To Expect, you can learn how to make parting with your child at a preschool easier and stress-free—for the both of you.  You can look forward to seamless, sweet good-byes using our separation anxiety solutions for babies and toddlers…

Start with a warm up & take baby steps

Most kids take a little while to get used to a new situation, so it’s no big surprise that day one at a new day care or child care incites tears. If possible, simplify the transition by making a before-school visit to meet the teachers and explore the classroom. With Mom or Dad comfortably close at hand, your little one can gather the gumption to explore the new surroundings.

Stay calm

Even when your child is in the midst of a major meltdown, don’t let him see you sweat—or cry. Becoming agitated or upset over your child’s crying at the child care will only make her more anxious.

Leave something special behind

To ease the pain of parting at the preschool or day care, give the child care a photo of you with your child, or a special stuffed animal or blanket that she can use to comfort herself when you’re not around.  Another sweet solution is to tie a string bracelet around your wee one’s wrist, then kiss it and tell your toddler, “I’m filling this with my love.” When she feels stressed from separation anxiety, she can touch or kiss the bracelet to get an instant feeling of her parent’s love to see her through the day.

Don’t skip the goodbye

How parents say good-bye can determine their toddler or preschooler’s reaction. Some parents think that sneaking out when their child isn’t looking is a separation anxiety solution, but typically that results in even more anxiety for the child, along with more crying, screaming and carrying on. Instead, keep your good-bye quick and to the point with a hug, a peck on the cheek, and a “See you soon, buddy!” Even body language can convey that you’re just as sad as he is, so stand up straight and smile. It’s your way of saying, “You’re going to have an awesome day!” Don’t eliminate the goodbye, just keep it short & sweet.

Be reassuring

During the goodbye process at child care, tell your child you’ll be back as soon as you can. If he’s old enough, let him know you’ll do something special together when you reunite—like play a favorite game or take a trip to the playground.

Keep it moving

As hard as it is, don’t turn back to comfort your child if she’s upset. This will only prolong your child’s meltdown—and make it harder for you to get out the door of the child care.

Give it some time

Rest assured that eventually, it will get easier to separate from your child. The meltdowns will get shorter and eventually disappear altogether. Your child will even start to look forward to seeing teachers and friends at daycare.

Make your return special

Give lots of hugs and kisses, and let your little one know you missed him. Hearing that will never get too old!

We are now enrolling at JP Kids & Company

From infant to preschool; JP Kids strives to provide a safe, nurturing and interesting environment where your children can discover and learn. Most importantly, we are focused on keeping your child of any age; happy, loved, engaged and secure.

Here are some more unique benefits we offer at J.P Kids & Company...

*Customized learning curriculum. The schedule and space is structured to allow children to pace themselves and select activities based on their individual needs. Knowledge is not given to children; they learn through playful and meaningful interactions with materials and trusted adults. This means that each child processes experiences uniquely. Teachers adapt and plan curriculum in response to this dynamic character of learning for young children.

*Classrooms set up specifically to encourage exploration and learning. Each classroom is prepared with great care and attention to detail. Setting up the classroom is integral to each child’s independence and intellectual development and provides an environment that excites them to explore and develop new skills.

*Beautiful large outdoor play space in the woods! J.P. Kids provides opportunities for age-appropriate physical play that releases the energies of the day. Children love our outdoor play area, shaded by trees and dappled with sun. There is also space for kids to kick a ball or play in small or large groups.

*Newly renovated. Kids and parents love our beautiful new spaces! Call us at 603-945-2849 to book a tour and check out our new renovations!

*Constant parent communication with the Brightwheel app. Don’t miss a thing! Get updates on your child’s day, in real time, with an easy-to-use mobile app.

*Loving & caring staff. Our team of staff members and teachers (some with us over 20 years!) create a culture that radiates positivity and love, leaving your children inspired and excited to come to school.

*Active parent group. We value community and so do all the parents at JP Kids! The parents’ group at JP Kids is one of the great benefits families love. Some daycares don’t want to hear suggestions and input from parents but we welcome it! The parent group is an actively engaged community that allows you to get to know others in your child’s community, as well as give any input to the school!

Check out what families have to say about us:

★★★★★“We have been at JP kids about 3 months now and we absolutely LOVE IT. Everyone has been wonderful and they take great care of my 2 year old daughter. Lauren was especially caring and accommodating when we first started as we had a bad experience at another day care earlier this year. She made sure we had the ability to ease our daughter into it gradually increasing our days.

The toddler 2 room is wonderful and my daughter talks about her teachers NONSTOP at home. Shout out to Mrs. Rose! You know she’s obsessed with you!

The app they use to update you throughout the day is incredibly helpful. They are quick to respond and it helps to remind us if we need to bring diapers or have an activity planned.Highly recommend JP Kids!" -Nadeen Hernandez

★★★★★"My daughter currently goes here in the Toddler room and she absolutely loves it! The staff there is just amazing and you can tell they care so much about the kids. My daughter comes home many days and shows us all of the new things she's learned at school. I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone." -Happy J.P. Kids & Company Parent

Whether you are just looking around or are interested in enrolling your child immediately, we are excited to learn more about you and your family! We look forward to helping you make the best choice for your big decision. We will follow up with more information and a phone call to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, if you would like to book a tour, do not hesitate to call us at 603-945-2849.

Spots fill up fast, so call us today to schedule a tour and we look forward to meeting you! You can email us at with any more questions or call us at 603-945-2849. Hope your child can join us!

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